Exposure to cold and dampness when the system is not in good condition and is full of waste matter, and toxins.



The first symptom, usually a distinct chill or chilly feeling all the time, backache, head stopped u, no appetite, ringing in the ears, dizziness, incessant sneezing, sometimes sire throat, hoarseness and irritable cough. Coughing usually causes a splitting headache. Fever rises in the evening. Small children sink into a stupor. The real danger of influenza is, if it is not checked by proper treatment, complications may set in and the patient will have pneumonia. When not properly attended to, many times it causes other troubles which are difficult to overcome, such as, weakness of the heart and lungs, as influenza tears down the system greatly. After an attack, the system should be built up with good, nourishing foods.



When first taken influenza can be overcome in twenty-four hours. Stop eating. Take a high herb enema... Use either white or bark, bayberry bark, wild alum root, or red raspberry leaf tea.

Use the following internally: one tablespoonful yarrow, one teaspoonful pleurisy root, a small pinch of cayenne. Steep in a pint of boiling water for twenty minutes, and take a cupful every hour.

Go to bed between cotton blankets. The blankets, and drinking of the tea will cause profuse perspiration; when the blankets become dame, change. If there is fever, bathe the entire body with tepid water thoroughly, have the towel very wet, exposing only part of the body at a time. Alternate the herbs with fruit juices, organ and grapefruit preferably. Lemon juice is excellent to reduce fever. Do not use suger in an of the juices. Orange juice is very strengthening. If you follow the treatment outlined, being sure you thoroughly cleanse the colon, and follow with some laxative herbs, you will find your influenza practically gone the next day.

If the case has advance, take the herbs given above and also orange juice and other fruit juices. Take sweat baths, also some tonic herbs, such as wild cherry bark, scullcap, valerian, lady's-slipper, feverfew. Plenty of fresh air in the patient's room is essential."


Alternative teas

"A. Equal part of cinnamon, sage and bay leaves. use a heaping teaspoonful of this mixture to a cup of boiling water, steep and drink freely.

B. A very effective remedy which works like a charm is the following: equal part of the following herbs: agrimony, vervain, boneset, and culver's root. Use a heaping teaspoonful of this mixture to a cup of boiling water. Take a cupful every hour.


Herbs for influenza

Indian hemp, peppermint, white pinve, poplar, butternut bark, lungwort, nettle, pleurisy root, saffron, sweet balm, tansy, ginger, golden seal, saw palmetto berries, wild cherry bark, wood, betony, angelica, hyssop, boneset, vervain, culver's root, agrimony, scullcap, feverfew, lady's-slipper, and valerian or chamomile. Use singly or in combination. read there descriptions. use those best suited to your condition."

'Back to Eden', Jethro Kloss, 504-5