There are many reason for backache, this post related backache to autointoxication. Thus the principle therapy will be blood purification and the stimulation of the excretion organs.

You will need to flush the bowels out weekly with an enema, while using a cleansing program. Discontinue entirely the use of meats, coffee, tea and other kidney damaging foods.


Drink an infusion of,

Simmer two ounces of the herbs in one quart of distilled water for ten minutes with top on tightly. Steep for ten minutes, strain and drink one cup three times daily site de vente de viagra.


Depending of what the cause are, you can incorporate castor oil packs for repair back pains, ginger fomentation, which are good for gout & rheumatism also. If pains persist you should consider visiting a chiropractor to ascertain whether your spinal needs manipulated.

Exercises you can do yourself to alleviate pain

The exercises below are specially designed to relieve acute back pain. Start performing them as soon as you can move around without too much discomfort, maybe one or two days after the attack. If you can not straighten up completely or if pain worsens when standing or walking, do not attempt to doing these exercises. Instead seek a physician for help as soon as possible, and do rest in your bed as much as you can. If that exercises do aggravate your pain further, or if it spreads to other parts of the body, immediately stop doing it and consult a physician.

Exercise 1bp1
Lie on your stomach with your arms on your sides and your head turned to one side. Take a few deep breath and relax for five minutes.

bp2Exercise 2
Stay on your stomach. Lift your upper body and support it on your elbows. Take a few deep breaths and then allow your lower back to relax completely. Stay in this position for five minutes. bp3

Exercise 3
Place your palms on the floor leveled with your shoulders, straighten your arms, push your upper body off the floor and let your back arch. Maintain status for a few seconds and then repeat this up to ten times. Allow the spine to bend a little more each time.

bp4Exercise 4

Stand upright with your feet slightly apart and your palms against your lower back. Bend your upper body backward as far as you can
with straight knees. Remain in that position for a few seconds and then straighten up. Repeat this exercise up to ten time and try to bend backwards as far as you can without losing balance. You can also use this exercise to prevent back pain by performing it now and then when you are working in a forward leaning position.

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