Gout is a form of rheumatism, caused by overeating and drinking, eating of wrong combinations that fill the system with waste matter, among other things.

Loss of appetite, heartburn, gas, distended bowels, constipation, often palpitation of the heart, scanty urine, sometimes red in color. Pain may be in anywhere in the body, the ankles as well as the knees. General distress is present too.

Principle Therapy – blood purification

Gout uses the formulas for Arthritis and Rheumatism. The diet is of first importance. A three day carrot and apple juice fast is excellent for this condition. Take an enema every morning.

After the fast use a cleansing diet principally consisting of vegetable broth, fresh vegetables, steamed high fiber vegetables,  and a regular juice containing Psyllium husk thrice daily, for seven to ten days. It is mandatory that we change from an acid producing diet to one of alkalinity.

In order to help gout, all harmful products, foods, and drinks, must be given up. Avoid all meats, poultry, fish, diary products, refined foods, coffee, tea, sugar, salt etc. Drink juise of a potato in warm water every morning. Use spirulina and seaweeds like kelp and dulse daily.

  • Drink a tea combination of two or more of these herbs, uva ursi, buchu, dandelion root or goldenrod. Take chaparral tablets two every three to four hours. Twenty drops of Echinacea or Pipsissewa tincture four times daily will clean the kidneys, blood and ease the pain. Twenty to forty wheatgrass or alfalfa tablets should be take during the day with meals or on an empty stomach to help produce alkalinity.
  • Take equal parts of skullcap, yarrow, and valerian, granulated, mix thoroughly together, and use a heaping teaspoonful to the cup of boiling water, steep, and drink a cupful an hour before meals, and one upon retiring.
  • Take laxative herbs to keep the bowels open; this is important. Make a liniment with myrr & cayenne tincture;  if applied freely and thoroughly rubbed in, will greatly allay the pain.
  • Use alternating hot and cold baths or showers to stimulate circulation. Whole, warm baths are used with two pounds of Epsom salts added to aid elimination and to ease pain. Taking the baths in the evening or during times of pain is indicated.

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