Alright, my fellow sedentary workers, I hope you'll get some encouragement from thoughts.

Office workers today suffer from pain in the back, head, shoulders, yes really everywhere there is nerves, of the simple reason - sedentary work.These might likely to be inside for hours and hours, with no fresh air, the lovely sunshine, but even worse, bound to their desktops for the majority of their time. This tends to be the case for office workers. Sedentary lifestyle is a curse to life, it allows many health issue to develop undetected, and I am here to tell your, but you can change this unhealthful condition so don't despair!

" is not ideal, but contained, it will for a time preserve health, till we can go back to the idea!"

You need to understand, however, that humans are were not designed to be a "sitter-down-always" creature, let alone to do it for 8-12 hours everyday. Adam and Eve were created (Genesis 2:15) and were given a garden to take care of, and to dress it. Yes, they were gardeners. While physical work in is an ideal for all of us, the reality is there are many confined to sedentary work. So how do we meet their need?

In Adam's case, because things went wrong and he couldn't help himself, God gave him grace because He wanted him to live (Romans 6:23), or 'a way to keep him alive' till he is repaired Adam's disobedience. You can see this in his change of diet, from originally eating only fruits and nuts, to the addition of vegetables and grains, with the final addition of flesh foods. It is not ideal, but contained, it will for a time preserve health, till we can go back to the idea!

So, yes, look at the temporary solution to sedentary works as the grace of God, it is not to be made permanent! And as long you actively plan to change your current situation, you will enjoy the relief it brings with good conscious. I'm thankful God's grace has appeared to all men (Titus 2:11), even to sedentary workers.

" are is a five-minute programme for that very purpose, so leave your worktop alone for a moment as the image shows and try it out now."

With a good stretching program, office workers or those doing work of a sedentary nature, are now able to get some relief from neck and shoulders tension, and even correct bad posture, in just a few minutes. Here are is a five-minute programme for that very purpose, so leave your worktop alone and try it out now.

2. Neck forward stretch

The neck rotation

Sit on a low chair at a table with your elbows about 20 cm apart in front of you. Lock your fingers behind your neck. Push the head slowly downwards until the chin touches the chest. Close your eyes and hold for a short while.3. Neck sides stretch

Let go of your hands, but hold the neck, and slowly turn head to the left until his chin resting in the palm of your left hand.

Use your hands to stretch and turn your head as far as possible, without causing pain or discomfort. Hold for a few moments, return slowly to the middle position and relax. Repeat the same thing towards the other direction.

Breast - and back stretching1. Chest & Back stretch

Stand up straight with your neck and shoulders relaxed, and feet slightly apart. Lift your arms slowly, bend the elbow and place your fingertips on the sternum, or chest bone. Then lower your arms and stretch them behind yourself as high up as you can.

Lock your fingers and bend your head back as far as you can without it causing pain. Stretch your back by bending forward, lifting up your arms behind the back while having your neck relaxed and head pointing downwards. Hold for a few moments and then slowly get to an upright position, let go of the hands and lower arms at your sides.


Shoulder Rolls4. Shoulder roles stretch

Sit comfortably on a chair and squeeze the fingertip to the shoulders and elbows moving in circles several times. Repeat this a few times and in different directions, backwards and forwards.

Body Stretching
5. Body stretch

Stand up with your back straight. Take a deep breath and inhale, fill your lungs with air that is. Lift up your arms, stretch them out behind you. Tilt your head backwards and look up at the ceiling.

Relax, exhale and bend forward from the waist, having your knees slightly bent. Let your arms hang loose and relax the whole neck area. Hold the position for a few seconds, slowly straighten up and return to starting position while still inhaling deeply.


Leg and lumbar stretching4. Leg & Lumbar stretch

Sit on a low chair and pull up the leg so that the foot rests on the chair seat. Keep your back straight, throw your arms around the knee and pull it as close to your body as you can. Hold a moment, relax, lower the leg and do the same with the other leg.




If you are still getting stiff and pains, and the exercises are not working; there might be other underlying issues. Feel free to do a self-examination, and if you need some assistance, get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation. I do encourage you to follow the eight principles for balanced and optimal health, they provide a good standard of a healthy lifestyle. Where possible, make sure you have correct working conditions at your desk in terms of the table, chair and their heights.

For more information or a consultation, please get in touch with us.