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Got Gout? This could bring relieve.

Gout is a form of rheumatism, caused by overeating and drinking, eating of wrong combinations that fill the system with waste matter, among other things.

How to deal with back pains

There are many reason for backache, this post related backache to autointoxication. Thus the principle therapy will be blood purification and the stimulation of the excretion organs.

Acne & Skin Disease

If you are on a diet high on refined starches, fried foods, high protein consumption, dairy products and the use of sugar, you will have to consider changing the diet.

Deal with Hay Fever

Most people look forward, to refreshing winds and budding trees of spring leading into summer. Are You?

How to Deal with Influensa

Exposure to cold and dampness when the system is not in good condition and is full of waste matter, and toxins.


The attitude of the mind is of great importance in treating of insomnia. Healing starts in our brains!