Cayenne Pepper – Hot 80g


Labelled as one of the most powerful and most versatile herbs in the world! It is recorded to stop a heart attack within a minute. Heating Unit (HU) is 130-150’000!

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Works also perfectly for external application stopping bleeding in cuts, and helps heal would and fight inflammation & infections. It's amazing effects on the circulatory system help to adjust blood pressure to normal levels so perfect for headaches.

Cayenne peppers have very high levels of vitamins and minerals and these are some of them in 100g:

  • 127% of vitamin-C (Ascorbic acid)
  • 54% of niacin
  • 71% of riboflavin
  • 1387% of vitamin A
  • 97.5% of iron
  • 43% of potassium

Use it to make massage salves, cough syrups or teas to increase heat sensation in the body when chilled. To stop a heart attack, put half a tee spoon of the powder in worm water or under the the tongue of the patient.

Keep away from children!

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